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Courses for 2020-2021 – For information on how to book for each course listed below, please click on the course name and school venue hi-lighted in blue, to access the course flyer. 

The following courses, in three venues, are now available to book. If the venues are affected by Covid and are unable to host for any session, the session will happen online at the same date and time. All delegates will be informed and sent a link to join the meeting as well as any hand-outs. The year group courses (aimed at NQTs and RQTs) also have an option of online dates to book.

For information on how to book for each course, please click on the course name and school venue hi-lighted in blue, to access the course flyer. The three venues are St. Anne’s Catholic Primary School, Keighley (mostly aimed at Bradford teachers but any teachers can attend); Sutton-in-Craven Community Primary School (mostly aimed at North Yorkshire teachers but any teachers can attend); Churwell Primary School (mostly aimed at Leeds teachers but any teachers can attend).

Courses for 2020 – 2021 in a choice of three venues:

Subject knowledge training for fractions and for calculating aimed at Learning Support Assistants who might be supporting children with their maths learning in class and in small groups. There are three afternoon sessions for each element in the first half of the academic year. The courses will also be useful for NQTs, RQTs and HLTAs. On the links, SA indicates St Anne’s, SCP indicates Sutton and CP indicates Churwell.

Mental and Written Calculations_SA     Understanding Fractions_SA    Mental and Written Calculations_SCP   Understanding Fractions_SCP    Mental and Written Calculations_CP  Understanding Fractions_CP

Primary Mathematics Subject Leader Networks. For the fourth year running I will be providing training and support to primary school leaders of mathematics from Bradford and beyond. Have a look at the flyer for details:

MSL sessions flyer 2020-2021

Mathematics in the Early Years Framework. This course is aimed at EYFS teachers and managers. It is created as four progressive sessions throughout the academic year.  The Early Years framework is set to change in 2021 and some schools have decided to be Early Adopters of the new framework from September, 2020. Out of all the Early Learning Goals, mathematics has seen the biggest changes.

We will look at the changes and decide how our classroom practice will best develop steps towards the goals. The outcomes of the course will include the delegates being clear in how to proceed in their own setting and there will also be a document that we create together which provides exemplification for the new mathematics Early Learning Goals. Delegates will contribute to the exemplification through evidence of their own children’s mathematics. On the links, SA indicates St Anne’s, SCP indicates Sutton and CP indicates Churwell.

Mathematics in the Early Years Framework_SA   Mathematics in the Early Years Framework_SCP  Mathematics in the Early Years Framework_CP

New to teaching in a year group? I am offering courses for NQTs and RQTs, or teachers moving year groups. They are three half day progressive sessions run during the first half of the academic year. The aims of these courses are to equip teachers in every NC year group with how to:

  • understand the key aspects in their maths curriculum, to help with a focus on ‘catching up’
  • understand progression and how to deliver their year group’s subject content in depth
  • know how to develop Greater Depth in children who grasp concepts rapidly
  • make natural links within and between different mathematical domains as well as across other National Curriculum subjects to ensure that learning is meaningful and memorable
  • observe and assess age-related expectations ensuring that children are on track
  • recognise and address common (and not so common) misunderstandings and misconceptions for their year group.

Again, there are three venues to choose from as well as an online version:

Any of the courses I am running could be delivered in your own school or Academy if you want more control over dates and times. Contact me for how that could work:

New from July 2020: Bespoke ‘maths clinics’ over the internet at your own leisure. They are particularly useful for NQTs and teachers who have moved year groups but other teachers might also feel a refresher or two would give them a bit of a lift! I can help with any particular issues you are facing with the teaching and learning of maths. 

Each session lasts for a ‘Zoom’ 40 minutes. Regular sessions or one-offs are available. Each session will be followed up by me sending you useful resources and further ideas by email. The charge is £30 per session for one teacher. I can assure you that the vast majority of teachers who work with me feel the positive impact on their maths teaching for years to come so it is an investment that you should feel confident to make. 

To book, contact me by email or phone so that we can arrange a mutually suitable time. I am happy to think about evenings as well as day times…

Email me:     or phone me:   07733 092 934

New for this year!  Moderation Network Meetings for Primary Mathematics hosted by Bowling Park and supported by me. This year, more than any other, we need to support one another with how to ensure children reach age-related expectations. These network meetings will involve teachers, from a variety of Primary school settings, meeting with one another to reach agreements on expectations and to share evidence with each other of maths outcomes. I will also be providing delegates with exemplification files to to compare and contrast their own children’s maths work with.
The aims of these network meetings are to:
• Look at age-related maths for their own year group
• Consider the steps needed to reach ARE
• Share ideas and tasks, referring to the National Curriculum requirements
• Referencing the Mathematics Guidance (DfE July 2020)
• Also consider Greater Depth in Maths (mostly in session 2)

There will be two sessions for each year group from year 1 to year 6 (December 2020 and April 2021). Click on the link for the flyer:

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