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I hope that you are not finding the recent situation too stressful. I seem to vary between feeling okay and feeling incredibly anxious, but it seems that I am not the only one!

I am planning on offering bespoke ‘maths clinics’ over the internet (probably Zoom) that teachers can book with me. I am aiming to start them from September but if anyone wants them earlier then I am more than happy to oblige. I think they will be particularly useful for NQTs and teachers who have moved year groups but other teachers might also feel a refresher or two would give them a bit of a lift!

Each session would last for about an hour and regular sessions over time would probably be very helpful for teachers. That could mean more regular sessions, such as every two or three weeks for teachers who are in one form entry schools and planning their own maths, or less regular, such as half termly, for teachers who want advice on subject knowledge and pedagogy. Each session will be followed up by me sending the teacher useful resources and further ideas by email.

The charge is £60 per session for a teacher on their own and £100 a session for two or three teachers in a small group. I can assure you that the vast majority of teachers who work with me feel the positive impact on their maths teaching for years to come so it is an investment that a school should feel confident to make.

Email me:     or phone me:   07733 092 934

The courses listed below have already run. However, if your school is interested in the content then please get in touch. The ideas presented here would make excellent staff meetings or training sessions.

Current Courses

For information on how to book for each course, please click on the highlighted course name or school venue to access the course flyer.

Courses for 2019-2020 in a variety of venues:

In response to Ofsted’s new Education Inspection Framework I have created two new courses. Both are hosted at my home with a welcoming and relaxed, although still professional, feel. Numbers are limited though so book early:

The first of these courses is about Maths links with creative subjects  

There are three sessions: one aimed at linking maths with art and design; a second linking maths with music; the third linking maths with design and technology.

The second of the courses involves workshops spread across the year to support teachers with Creating Sequences of Maths Lessons for a Deep Dive

Teachers can sign up for only one session or more. There are twelve dates to choose from.

Primary Mathematics Subject Leader Networks. For the third year running I will be providing training and support to primary school leaders of mathematics from Bradford and beyond. Have a look at the flyer for details: MSL sessions flyer 2019-2020

Mathematical Enquiry and Greater Depth in the Primary School. Teachers are keen to promote the habits and skills of Reasoning in their students. However, it can feel tricky to do. I have created a course that will show teachers how to train their class to enquire about general statements and relationships in maths. The sessions include lesson study and the opportunity for delegates to watch me putting the theory into practice using a Low Threshold, High Ceiling lesson plan with classes of children at the host school. There are four venues to choose from: Mathematical Enquiry and Greater Depth in the Primary School – at Bowling Park and Mathematical Enquiry and Greater Depth in the Primary School – at The Ellis CE and Mathematical Enquiry and Greater Depth in the Primary School – at Sutton CP and Mathematical Enquiry and Greater Depth in the Primary School – at Churwell

Expert Teaching in ALL Year Groups. After the success of the EYFS, Year 2 and Year 6 courses during 2018-2019, I have decided to run courses for years 1, 3, 4 and 5 during 2019-2020. My long term plan, for the offer of training directed at different year groups, is to alternate maths training year by year, thereby giving teachers the opportunity to put advice into practice before coming back for more the following year. Knowing the curriculum well and knowing how best to teach it, not just what to teach, is crucial for ensuring that gaps and misconceptions do not appear. These courses will help teachers of years 1, 3, 4 and 5 to give their pupils meaningful learning experiences so that the learning sticks. Again, there are four venues to choose from:

Alison Philipson (literacy consultant) and I teamed up together to deliver a course for Maths and English subject leaders entitled: Linking Maths and English Learning Skills to Accelerate Children’s Progress during the Spring term of 2019. It was so successful that we are running it again during the Autumn term of 2019. There are two venues to choose from: Shelf J&I School and Calverley CE Primary School. Click on the links to see details, dates and how to book: Linking Maths and English Skills hosted by Shelf and Linking Maths and English Skills hosted by Calverley CE

Feel free to email me if you have a need for your school, that you feel other schools would be interested in, that I could run courses for, on: