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Just sent this to the assessments department. Wonder if I will get a reply…

Good morning,
Regarding the KS2 mathematics SATs
It would be very helpful for schools if the cognitive domain (rated 1 to 4) could be referenced in the mark scheme, for each question, as well as the content domain . Are there any plans for this to be created? The test developers must know the cognitive domain for each question when they write them. Teachers would value having this information at their finger tips, especially when considering whether children are demonstrating thinking at Greater Depth or not.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Kind regards,
Sharon Day
of SharonDayMaths Ltd.

I got a reply. The relevant paragraph said this: ‘As you may know, the primary and sometimes (if applicable) the secondary national curriculum references are published in the live test mark schemes to inform the area of the curriculum each item intends to assess. As yet, we do not publish the cognitive domain scores in the mark scheme document. The mark scheme’s primary purpose is to guide markers on how to mark each item reliably. We could bring your suggestion to our expert review panels and consult our curriculum advisors to see what purpose they could serve if we did publish them in the mark scheme document- thank you for your suggestion.

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